Apparently a one on one counts as “networking” hurrah!!

So I had a meeting on Thursday with a recruiter who seemed very interested and her company appears to have a lot of integrity so lets see.

tomorrow I have a breakfast meeting, how strange is that?

Lesson’s learnt

June 10, 2010

1) everybody blows their own trumpet, let them and then get to the truth.

2) Dress according to the setting in a pub of an evening dress casual.

3) If you think you can, you can, if you think you can’t, you can’t.


June 10, 2010

As mentioned I had an “unexpected” invitation to a networking event last night and whilst the word “event” may be a trifle overstated as there were only 5 of us it as nevertheless useful and fun.

I met with a guy I already know two new guys and a woman of a similar age all of us are Interim and members of the Institute of Interim Managers, who had organised the event.

This is what the blog is all about going to events, meeting new people and learning.

One of the problems with Interim management is that you don’t have the same colleague interaction so it’s quite lonely, meeting up with others makes you feel less alone and validates how you feel.

It’s definitely me

June 9, 2010

So I’m suited and booted for my meeting but a little suspicious that I’ve not had a reply to my confirmation email so I call the office. The “oo err” gave the game away before the request to reschedule, IT’S ME!!!!!!

On a good note I’m off to an unexpected event at a pub and hopefully I’ll meet some interesting people.

Is it me?

June 7, 2010

The meeting that was rearranged for this morning was also cancelled AND an evening meeting I had on next Wednesday is full 😦

I should change the name to how to be a social pariah.

Breakfast or brunch?

June 6, 2010

So a meeting I had for Friday and was cancelled is now scheduled for Monday morning, but not just any monday, oh no, that would be too simple, it’s a morning when I have one niece to get to school and another to keep amused, get her to an afternoon party and pick the other up from school and entertain them from 15.00.

So my first one to one network meeting and I’ll have a six-year-old in tow :-/

So now what?????

All of the networking events I had organised for last week where cancelled… it me? did they go ahead in secret without me?

It’s not funny anymore, well it is a bit, I’m supposed to be doing a blog on networking and so far done none, whats TAT about?

One out: One in

June 1, 2010

Ah well just as things were going well it fails 😦

The face to face for tomorrow has been cancelled but the good news is I’ve got an invitation for another……but it clashes with several things , what to do what to do.

So it’s progressing fast, I’ve now got 3 face to face meetings in the next week, two are organised events and one is a face to face with one guy.

So now the problem is………..what do I wear?

I received and email from PCS (more about them in a mo) inviting me to a FREE networking event in Manchester it’s going to cost abut £12.oo if yo include the train our parking and I’ve not decided which to use first.

Fingers crossed I meet some useful people and we can help each other.

PCS are a company you pay a LOT of money to and the mentor you to your next job, all good stuff but there are no guarantees so like a good reporter I made my excuses and left, bu hey an invite came out of it 😀